Hear what past clients have to say about my service....

"My wife and I have recently had the pleasure of dealing with Irma Eibich with the sale of my sister's condo in downtown Toronto. We had heard Irma's name in passing and decided to contact her and could not be happier with the results. We found Irma to be very informed as to market conditions, had terrific ideas as to improvements to the condo, was timely in all her dealings with us, and a pleasure to work with. The designer/contractor and staging team she has are top notch with their ideas and the quality of work they produce. The stager enhanced the property to the fullest. The construction crew always cleaned up as they went along and the work was done in record time. Irma took fabulous pictures, did a great job in marketing and the condo was sold extremely quickly. We would look to Irma first for any property sell in the future. Then you Irma, it was a pleasure to work with you and your team."

-L & A Rowntree - April 2024

"Irma helped me find just the right condo for my needs and applied her deep expertise to make the whole process seamless. Highly recommend working with Irma if you are looking for a seasoned and dedicated real estate expert."

- D Begounov - October 2023

"In what felt like an uncomfortable, unpredictable RE market, Irma has provided invaluable guidance and support in all aspects of the sale of our condo. Through the initial discussions about the current RE market, the planning, sourcing & completion of renovations, the staging, and the listing and finally the review and acceptance of the successful offer, Irma has dealt with all aspects of the project with meticulous care and attention to all details. 

Irma created a beautifully photographed and prepared feature sheet which presented the condo in its best light. The property was sold, over the asking price within 2 days of listing. We are very pleased with the results of Irma's expertise and efforts., We could not have made a better choice of Realtor. Thank you Irma."

- P & M Rossborough - September 2023

"I must give Irma the highest mark possible for her work: A+. She is extremely efficient, knowledgeable and professional. She was able to get an unexpectedly high price for the property by creating a bidding war between the prospective buyers. Along with this, the speed at which the sale process took place was very fast - I did not think it was possible for the property to be sold so quickly.."

- H & K Scanlon - July 2023

""Irma is amazing! We have known her now for 20+ years and she helped us to purchase and sell several properties. And honestly we would not enlist any other Realtor.

As a real estate agent, Irma conducts her work thoroughly and efficiently throughout the entire process, and has a deep knowledge of the real estate market. She is very prompt in responding to emails, calls or texts. She is a hard working professional and we very much appreciate her patience and expertise. Irma is detail oriented and never misses anything in her reports. She is knowledgeable, dependable and we rely on her advice 100%."

- G & S Wojcik  - March 2023

"Irma was once again fantastic in leading the sale of the property we purchased per her guidance in 2016. She was instrumental in helping us navigate these real estate markets and in making renovation recommendations. Irma always works hard and takes expert photos. She's been our agent for over 25 years and has a wealth of knowledge."

- R. Chretien  - April 2022

"Irma, you were very professional in your role and provided a fair balance regarding aspects of the unit and the building. We appreciated that you were quicky available when needed, thorough with answers, and understanding in the circumstances. Thanks again."

- P. & C. Striowski - April 2022

"Over the past 15 years, Irma has been our agent for transactions on four properties in the GTA, most recently in March 2022. We can state unequivocally that Irma is the best agent we have ever encountered. Irma's attention to detail is unparalleled. Through her many professional connections, Irma assisted us in renovating and staging our properties for maximum return. Her skills in photography and promotion made our properties stand out from others. She was equally impressive in negotiating and advising when it came to purchasing. In short, Irma is a master of her craft. We recommend Irma highly to any discerning individual seeking an experienced and exemplary real estate agent."

- M. Arvin & M. Scigliano - March 2022

"Irma was great to work with. She had a clear vision with a proven process to follow, and made every effort to facilitate an expedient and stress-free sale. The final offer came in well over asking, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to sell their home."

- K. Orr -July 2021

"We were really pleased and impressed how quickly Irma featured, marketed and sold our condo. She is very straight forward and honest and will work hard for you. We would highly recommend her."

- T. & M. Taylor - June 2021

"Hats off to you! You did an outstanding job in selling my condo in Harbour Square. There is no doubt in my mind you stopped at nothing to get my condo sold for the best price in the shortest amount of time. I am very pleased with the outcome. I wish I owned another one you could sell!."

- A. Beauregard - June 2021

"Irma demonstrated significant understanding of the Harbour Square buildings, including openly identifying potential concerns about the unit that I should consider. Irma understood what was important for each party and swiftly negotiated a successful outcome."

- A. Nairne - June 2021

"Irma executed my listing perfectly... from providing staging advice, to creating appealing brochures to preparing for showings... all in less than a week. She ensured my property was at its best to garner buyers' interest and sell in record time (2 hours). It's no surprise she's been our family broker for over 25 years!"

- V. Santos - May 2021

"Irma gets the job done! Having the pleasure of previously using her services we got exactly what we expected. Her wealth of experience, expertise and professional service helped us sell our condo in one of the toughest real estate markets. I would highly recommend Irma's services to anyone looking to sell or purchase a property."

- M. & E. Devenishek - December 2020

"I have known Irma for 25 years, and during that time I have bought and sold 4 properties with her help. This latest purchase will, I'm sure, be our forever home, and we are so grateful to Irma for finding it for us! Irma is focused and methodical in her approach to both purchases and sales, and her many years of experience show in her confidence and determination at all stages of the process. I have never doubted that Irma would "get the job done", and she never disappoints."

- A. Grunau December 2020

"Selling a home is seldom an easy experience. Irma's expertise, professionalism and commitment made the process clear and worry free. Irma worked hard for me to get me the results I was looking for."

- D. Begounov November 2020

"Irma is an extraordinary Realtor in many ways. She brings her extensive experience, knowledge, and professional integrity to everything she does. More importantly she genuinely cares about her clients, understands their needs and preferences, and tries her best to exceed their expectations. I want to thank Irma for all her dedication and enthusiasm that provided us with an extremely satisfied service."

- Z. Huang - November 2020

"Working with Irma was a pleasure and very reassuring. During her focused marketing of our condo, we felt confident that we would end up with a successful result. Starting with preparing the condo for showing to potential buyers she displayed a keen eye for making an older condo look its very best without spending a lot of money on staging. Her presentation brochure was excellent, with beautiful photos of our apartment (that she did herself), which made it, its location and views look magnificent.

Irma marketed our condo extremely well, her goal being to get it sold within a week. Well, on day 1 of the listing there were 5 showings, not a lot, but out of the 5 came one offer. We signed back and the buyer accepted our counteroffer. Within 2 days of listing the offer was firm and our condo was sold! You cant' get much better service than that. Thank you so much, Irma."

-K. Gare - October 2020

"We have been working together with Irma for nearly 13 years since we decided to invest in property in Toronto. At that time Irma proved to be a terrific Sales agent providing us with great insight on the market and helping us to find and purchase an outstanding property. The experience was great as Irma goes beyond the normal scope of a sales agent to be a personal consultant laying out options, connecting us with lawyers and accountants and giving advice based on her extensive experience. Based on this we decided to continue the relationship with Irma as our Rental Agent and Manager. Again, she proved invaluable in finding tenants and ensuring that their needs were understood, well communicated and action was taken. Over the last 13 years we estimated that we did not have tenants for only a few weeks which is really a great testimony to her. When it came to deciding to sell, she was again very proactive and despite the situation with Covid 19 was able to find buyers and secure a market price and support us in completing the sale within the expectation. Irma is one of those unique individuals that we were fortunate to cross paths with. A great person and a real professional who works hard to ensure that every relationship is win win. I would be happy to recommend Irma to anyone looking to purchase, rent or sell property."

- S. Sowerby - August 2020

"I was extremely pleased with the work that Irma Eibich did to help me sell my condo at Grand Harbour. At all stages of the transaction, Irma showed herself to be the consummate professional. The arrangements for staging, the high quality photos, and the detailed listing and feature sheet resulted in many showings and a number of offers. In the end I accepted an offer well above the asking price with a quick closing. I am deeply appreciative of Irma’s efforts."

- F. Mann - February 2020

"Irma gets the job done, fast. She executes her assignments promptly, methodically and thoroughly so that her client gets the best deal possible. Irma listed my condo to maximize value - well-staged, excellent brochures and pictures and detailed descriptions. That's the reason she's been my agent for over 20 years."

- R. Piliguian - February 2020

"We are very satisfied with the services provided by Irma in selling our condo on the Harbourfront. She spent a great deal of time providing us with all the data relevant to the sale of our condo. She kept us informed at all times and went out of her way to ensure that the condo would be in condition to appeal to prospective buyers. She was always easily contactable and in touch with the current market.

We believe that she got us the best price for the condo considering the timing and the condition of the condo.

Thank you Irma."

- N. & D. Stern – December 2019

""At 98 years old, I appreciated the way Irma adjusted to me and made the place so attractive and sell so quickly without any hassle to me at all… I highly recommend Irma. "

- D. Dray – November 2019

"I am so glad that you were our agent, we could only have sold it through you.

You really did your homework on the comps and your staging was spectacular, so tasteful and contemporary, it wowed everyone who saw the place... and your calm and reassuring nature got us through the negotiations with everyone coming out feeling like a winner.

We really appreciate you."

- H. Mukai - August 2019

"Irma was quick to understand our needs and steer us in the right direction. Her professionalism and warmth made the process of finding our forever home a breeze."

- E Stone - May 2019

"I have bought and sold several properties and this was the simplest by far. Irma was amazing how quickly and professionally she was able to make everything happen. Very excited to move into our new home."

- J Lewis - April 2019

"My sister and I inherited the apartment of our parents at 65 Harbour Square in Toronto. As both of us live overseas we decided to sell the property. We heard about Irma, who resides in the same complex and following a phone conversation we gave her the exclusive listing. Thanks to the connections of Irma, she found a Buyer and sold the condo in just 4 hours! At this point we were faced with the problem of disposing of the entire content of the apartment in a short time. We flew to Toronto and as our time was very limited, we just succeeded in sorting the personal contents.

Here Irma was invaluable; she took upon herself to complete the mission after we left including several shipments, as well as various donations and disposal of items until the place was totally empty. In short, she took care of everything as if it was her own apartment with unbelievable energy and ingenuity.

Irma proved to be a caring, reliable and hard working person. We couldn't have managed the whole project without her help. We felt we had a real friend taking care of everything we needed and indeed she succeeded in getting the apartment ready for the closing date."

- L Kornreich & N Heger - April 2019

"In October 2018, Irma sold a condo at 298 Jarvis Street in Toronto.
The seller provided Irma the above video testimonial which she wanted to share with you."

- Dr. Antonella Kahler - October 2018

"In the summer of 2017, I spoke briefly with Irma about my plans to put my wonderful but dated condo at 33 Harbour Square on the market. She outlined very clearly her views about the quality of the building and the importance of developing a strategic plan to get a dated condo ready in a manner to appeal to the most potential purchasers.

My condo, which was partially renovated needed significant effort including updating and decorating. In March of this year, I asked Irma to view my condo to advise on the steps required to market it well and to assist in selecting the steps to finish the renovations appropriately.

Irma provided me her detailed marketing plan and carefully guided me through the renovations required to update the unit to what the market was seeking. It is well known that renovation of condos in the downtown core is time consuming and complicated and Irma provided wonderful guidance through this process.

I will also add that in addition to her understanding of the market, Irma has a wonderful sense of colour probably from her photography background which I drew upon for the selection of both colour and finishes.

Overall, I highly recommend Irma to anyone who is looking to finish and market a condo in the Harbour Square Complex."

- S. Fraser - August 2018

"We were indeed fortunate to have worked with Irma Eibich of Remax Toronto, to sell our condo at Harbour Square.

At her very first visit, Irma was positive about the prospects of a sale, with some minor changes which made an immediate difference to the look of our home. She also explained her marketing strategy, having as she does an impressive knowledge of the unique Toronto condo market.

Irma set the market price and proceeded to prepare the advertising material. Within the next two days, she had taken professional photographs, and meticulously drawn the floor plans and dimensions. Her listing sheet and brochure reflected our home to its very best advantage.

As clients and realtors came, Irma kept us informed about the smallest detail, as if we were her only customers. She returned all phone calls and mails, encouraging us to hang in there when the stress was getting the better of us. Her office kept detailed notes on the comings and goings of each client, which was shared with us daily.
When time came to consider the offers, Irma was a consummate professional. Her expertise in inspecting each offer and its pros and cons, helped us to zero in on the most suited buyer. We are confident that they will love our home and be happy in it as we have been.

Irma, we are convinced, is a person of high ethical, moral and professional standards. It was these qualities that made us trust her from the get go. Her outstanding client focus and personal service, coupled with her impressive marketing strategy, reflects her years of experience. She is clearly a role model for her colleagues.

We consider Irma as a friend in the process and will recommend her highly to anyone who needs her services."

- B Chatterjee - May 2018

"The thought of moving after 44 years in one home was a bit overwhelming. So I was delighted and relieved when the whole process of buying a new condo and selling mine went so smoothly. Irma Eibich knows the real estate market! Her advice on pricing and negotiating strategies were spot on at both ends of the transactions. She and her stager made that part of the process effortless for me and their advice on how to maximize the potential of my home worked to a tee. "

- L de Munnik - May 2018

"One word ....outstanding ....
....and with an infectious sense of humour.

Irma moved this purchase through in record time and for 13 percent over asking.
Can't ask for more that. Her staging and renovating recommendations were spot on and greatly helped the process. Advice to future clients... Give Irma the freedom to do what she significantly does best. There were some intricate moves which required sense of timing and expertise that only comes with experience and Irma has tons of that.

I enjoyed working with her and will miss our conversations."

- J Shipp - February 2018

"Irma is an exceptional real estate Broker who has provided us over the years with excellent and highly professional services, having handled several of our condo transactions (purchasing & selling). In fact, just recently, it was an absolute pleasure to trust Irma, once again, with the sale of our condo unit at Grand Harbour. This time, Irma managed very successfully to co-ordinate 3 moves of different clients, including myself, that were all interconnected... and where timing was of the essence. The result was Excellent! All deals closed effortlessly and each client was impressed and delighted with such positive results!

We have found that Irma's expertise, knowledge, advice, resourcefulness and dedication to us, as clients, have been nothing less than OUTSTANDING... at all times ! Her friendly, honest approach and cheerful personality make her a true delight to work with, and fully trust with the purchase or selling of any property.

By the way... Irma is also an amazing professional photographer who takes beautiful and very professional photos! Her photography skills are a definite plus used to advertise and enhance the interior and/or exterior of her real estate property listings."

- M & Y Girard - October 2017

"Irma Eibich recently assisted us with the sale of our condominium and the purchase of another condominium in the Toronto Harbourfront. We found Irma's experience, knowledge and insights - particularly of the Harbourfront condo market - very helpful in this process. Irma is very client-focused and we were particularly impressed with her availability and responsiveness to our requests for assistance - which was greatly appreciated during a hectic and sometimes stressful process."

- J Waters - May 2017

"We were very impressed by Irma's knowledge and experience, especially of the waterfront and our building in particular, which was very critical in light of the quick turnaround times to make decisions. Irma provided very helpful guidance and a nice balance of a competent professional, while understanding the emotional and human elements that enter into these significant life decisions. Regardless of Irma's very busy schedule, she made us feel that we were a priority as she was always very responsive and dealt with all of our concerns in a very timely and professional manner. We could not have asked for a better experience!"

- J and J Waters - October 2016

"Selling my home with Irma was quick, easy and completely without stress! Irma took the worry out of selling my home and we closed the deal in 24 hours... wow! Her "list of potential buyers" made the deal close effortlessly and pain-free... Thank you Irma... you will be the first call I make when I sell my next home!"

- D Brisbane - September 2016

"Irma worked tirelessly to guide us in all areas of selling, from staging ideas to closing, which led to a very quick sale. We were thrilled with the photos used for the sale, as they really showed each room at its best.

It was however, when we asked Irma to help us find another property that she really came into her own. Irma would use all her expertise and experience to quickly help us find another property which we were delighted with.

We were staggered at the lengths she would go afterward to help us find a suitable tenant. Irma consistently demonstrated she is not only someone not only can be relied upon, but completely trusted in all areas when selling or purchasing a property."

- S and D Tolley - September 2016

"We feel very fortunate to have been guided by Irma for the purchase of our first condo. Her expertise and resourcefulness helped us navigate a pretty hot Toronto market with success. We are now the excited owners of our dream waterfront condo. Thank you Irma!""

- K Leavey - August 2016

"My experience in having Irma represent my husband and me in purchasing our first condo unit has been nothing less than outstanding.

From the very first interaction we felt 'in good hands'. Her intimate knowledge of the area, the building we were interested in, and condo living in general came through right away, as well as her friendly approach and honesty, which we equally appreciated.

Going forward, we certainly trust Irma with her advice and real estate recommendations. We've developed a true partnership that I'm sure will last over the years. Irma, it's been a pleasure working with you!"

- A Roua - August 2016

"Irma was recommended by one of our friends and hands down, she is one of the best real estate selling agents on the street. She helped us sell our condo unit at a record high price in our building. Her selling strategy is meticulously planned and executed. We were impressed with her professionalism, expertise and passion. She would go to great lengths to make sure all the details are taken care of. Irma has a sharp eye for the market and understands the value of our property, drawing on her many years of industry experience. She is very resourceful and efficient with incredible focus on the project. She is also a fantastic photographer. Irma has a great personality and is fun to work with. We sincerely appreciate her service and will not hesitate to recommend her to our friends."

- A and C Yang - July 2016

"Irma was instrumental in securing our recent lakefront condo purchase. We relied on her tremendous experience in pricing and structuring our offer to succeed in a multi-offer situation without overpaying. We couldn't have prevailed without her in this heated market. Irma is a true professional who made our every need in the purchase process a top priority."

- R Chretien - June 2016

"Looking back on the last 18 days, it is amazing how Irma steered this selling process to a speedy conclusion in spite of many challenges, such as the mid-winter slump, the economic downturn, the fast closing date, and the lawsuit. Well done Irma!"

- T Strauss - April 2016

"We found Irma extremely professional and friendly to deal with. Irma is very prompt at correspondence and extremely thorough at everything she does. Irma truly went above and beyond what would normally be expected of a realtor in order to sell our property and we would gladly recommend her."

- The Brickman Family - March 2016

"Congratulations to you for your effort in sticking with us and taking the extra steps to contribute with your ideas for the staging to get our condo sold. We were very impressed with your professional approach and knowledge of the market conditions in our area…"

- C and M Brickman - February 2016

"Thanks for getting us that condo even thought we were in a multiple offer situation. Only YOU could make it happen! We are lucky to be in the care of the best hardworking agent in Toronto!"

- G and S Wojcik - February 2016

"Our family cannot thank Irma enough for her services during our first home purchase. She was always available to answer our questions and resolve any issues in a timely manner. Her valuable advice and referrals helped us get through this difficult process and come out of it with a set of keys to our dream apartment. We would highly recommend Irma to anyone looking to buy/sell a place."

- N and E Devenishek - February 2016

"We are thankful for the extra effort that you undertook by ensuring that the appropriate things such as staging, etc. were carried out effectively and efficiently. It has been a pleasure dealing with a real professional and for that, we will be forever grateful."

- Carl & Bunnie B - January 2016

"I am grateful to have met Irma, and there was a comfort zone to her personality and how she presented herself in a professional manner. Having engaged her as my agent, there were no regrets. I was extremely pleased at the time it took her to sell my condo and I would recommend her in a heartbeat. Thank you again Irma for your hard work, dedication and guidance. Keep up the great work!!!"

- L DiLorenzo - December 2015

"Irma became our agent in October 2015, and took on the responsibility of assisting us in our re-location move... Within 36 hours Irma had taken some spectacular pictures, listed the unit on MLS and had even begun to schedule showings. Through the entire process Irma was alway responsive to our questions and sensitive to our needs."

- M and K Vidler - November 2015

"We have been very pleased with the working relationship that we have had with you. Our listing went out on a Wednesday and we had an offer by Monday. You responded to the many requests we had and allowed us to choose how we wanted to proceed. Most importantly the communication lines were always open; almost instant feedback, good response to questions, and clarification when necessary. Due to your efforts we have a most welcome outcome. Thank you from the Brown family."

- S Brown - August 2015

"We have known Irma since 2008 when she sold us a condo, representing the seller. Since then, she has represented us 4 times as sellers and buyers of condos and a house. Throughout all of these transactions, we have found Irma to be very knowledgeable, fair and professional with a high degree of honesty and integrity. She has given us great advice on how to prepare our homes for sale and she has always produced beautiful and professional feature sheets and brochures. We have no hesitation in recommending Irma to any potential clients. We wouldn’t use anyone else."

- J and A Ebner - February 2015

"Irma Eibich delivered superior service that added value through a better client experience, faster sale and excellent price. I was very pleased."

- G McCaughey - December 2014

"Irma is the only person you'll ever need to speak to about "condos", especially in the downtown core and/or Queens Quay. She will NOT steer you wrong and is not merely about commissions. She's successful in her own right and wouldn't compromise her reputation for the sake of commissions. You're in good hands. All you need is one expert guiding and working for you! You won't find anyone more knowledgeable and/or well connected."

- R Hue - November 2014

"We were very fortunate to get the offer we did and Jenny and I thank you very much for all the hard work you put in. I think you can add this to the list of your Amazing Tales in Real Estate! Well done! We were both very pleased with the accepted offer. Ella's staging was clearly important in boosting the offer price. Thanks again for all the advice and hard work."

- G and J Tait - July 2014

"Thank you for all the help in finding us a good tenant. You were very helpful every step of the way and we especially appreciate your interviewing the tenant and clarifying the clauses. That extra step really seals the deal and puts both parties on the same page. You and your service are awesome!!! Renting and selling property should definitely be left to such knowledgeable experts like you. You are a wonderful person AND a great realtor!"

- G and M Wong - June 2014

"From the moment that I asked Irma Eibich to list my house, she listened to what I had to say, wasn't pushy, offered sound advice and followed through on everything that she said she would do. Her creative and photographic skills combined to make the best feature sheet and slide-show that I have ever seen and which I'm sure greatly impressed and influenced interested buyers. Then, when the time came to handle offers, Irma closed the deal promptly, in a calm and totally professional manner.

What, for many people, can be a daunting prospect turned out to be a most satisfactory and mutually beneficial experience for all concerned. Thank you and well done Irma... you're a pro!"

- R Dawson - June 2014

"Thank you Irma. I liked working with you and really appreciate all your help and professionalism! We will keep you in mind should we sell (again) in the future."

- J Burke - November 2012

"Irma's work on the sale of my property brought quick and effective results. When my suite was for sale at the same time as the ones directly above and below me, Irma's excellent photography and comprehensive marketing plan made all the difference. My unit sold first! "

- T Strauss - September 2012

"We want to express our appreciation for your professionalism in handling the purchase of our Toronto home. This was not a simple transaction as you represented the seller (who had not listed his property yet) and us the prospective purchaser.
The real estate market in Toronto over the spring/early summer was brisk to put it mildly. We had already lost one property in a bidding war and were feeling pretty wary of the whole situation, ready to sit out the market as renters if necessary.

What a pleasure to meet you. I remember calling you at 5:20 one Monday evening about a listing you had in another building on the Harbour. After listening to me you offered to show me the property that same evening, and another one you thought we may be interested in as well. While that transaction did not come to fruition, you knew of another unit in the building we loved, that an owner had discussed possibly listing. One very rainy morning when most people were inside drinking warm cups of tea, you showed me several properties so I would understand the lakefront market and have a yardstick of comparison. You arranged with the prospective seller to show me his unit as well.

In a dual agency situation, the agent owes a fiduciary duty to both principals. An agent’s statutory fiduciary obligations include the duty of utmost care, integrity, honesty and loyalty in dealing with either or both principals. You exceeded our expectations on all counts. Much is written about the risks associated with dual representation. On reflection, the success of this transaction was due completely to the level of trust you inspired both in us and the seller.

You won that trust through professionalism, kindness, initiative and capability.
When given the choice, people always prefer to do business with someone they trust. Quite simply, Irma Eibich is a real estate broker you can trust."

- B and L Dickson - August 2012

"We wanted to thank you again for doing such a great job in negotiating this deal. Your strategic thinking and negotiating skills are excellent and it's quite impressive how you keep your cool under pressure.
We'll highly recommend you in the future.
What a great ending to the story!"

- R and S Wright - June 2012

"Just needed to put in writing some thoughts regarding your recent service in selling my mother in law’s condo at Grand Harbour.

You were professional and trustworthy from the very first moment. You were informed, informative, and had an action plan ready to go in minutes of my contacting you. Your strategy was so good that it led to multiple offers, selling for 105% of asking and in just two days! You knew and know your market and how to prepare the unit for making the most of the sale. You had your finger right on the pulse. You had a team ready to go at a moments notice to get all ready for the showings. Your MLS listing was really good and very well prepared and worded. And your follow up service is impeccable. Thank you Irma for this amazing experience!"

- R Melito - January 2012

"Thank you for the excellent service. You are a true professional and made the sales process easy."

- J Thompson - May 2011

""Irma came highly recommended, and I feel lucky that I ended up getting her to help sell my condo. I didn't really know what to do, but she handled absolutely everything and kept me up to date every step of the way. She also worked her tail off to generate interest in my place, and arranged over a hundred showings. In the end she got me, $421K, $52K over the asking price. I never thought I could get that much for my place. Thanks so much Irma.""

- T Burry - May 2010

"Irma I wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you did selling my condo. Considering it was an assignment in a down market, you were very professional and consistent with your due diligence. Your suggestion for a stager really made a difference. Once we had it staged it sold in less than a month which was awesome. Again I can't thank you enough. We priced it right and we did what it took to get the job done. I look forward to working with you again in the near future."

- I Sinclair - May 2009

"It was an absolute pleasure to deal with you on the sale of our home 3 years ago and also recently in our search for a condo rental. We really appreciated your professionalism, great advise and most importantly your great attention to the small details when reviewing offers and legal paperwork. In addition, you made very good use of our time, in that you understood our needs and selected properties that met our criteria. In other words, you didn't waste what little time we had to view potential properties.

You are an exceptional real estate agent that goes above and beyond what we expected. Thanks."

- J Eisen - November 2008

"Irma Eibich assisted us with finding a condominium property to suit our needs while we were living out of town. In short order, she consistently demonstrated the virtues that exemplify a superior real estate agent: an understanding of the current sales environment, in-depth product expertise, and unerring judgment coupled with excellent communication skills and the ability to provide sound advice. Throughout the negotiation process, Irma exhibited a combination of integrity, tactfulness, and tenacity rarely found among real estate agents.

From start to finish, Irma was professional and responsive, ensuring that we were well-informed of our options. Finding and buying the perfect property was accomplished hassle-free and in record time thanks to Irma’s unparalleled professional guidance and expertise. We are certain we will be asking Irma to handle all of our future real estate needs in Toronto and recommend her highly to family, friends, and colleagues."

- M Arvin & M Scigliano - October 2008

"Thank you for hanging in and providing us with excellent service over the sale of our unit. Your attitude towards you work and relationship with potential clients is what contributes to your success."

- A Goddard - February 2007

"Thank you for providing us with excellent service over the sale of our unit. Your attitude towards your work and relationship with potential clients is what contributes to your success."

- A Radha - February 2007

"You did an excellent job selling our home and as I mentioned before I don't think any other agent could have helped us see such a good sale price in such a short time."

- A Somani - July 2005

"We've never had such a good time dealing with a realtor! Your forthright manner and sense of humour made condo hunting actually enjoyable!"

- The Nelsons - March 2005

"We would like to thank you for the sale of our condominium at the Palace Pier and our townhouse at Grand Harbour. Your in-depth knowledge of the market, hard work and innovative marketing strategies have been instrumental in closing those two transactions to our satisfaction. We would not hesitate to recommend you to our family and friends and look forward to doing business with you again."

- B and P Marceau - June 2002

"You have been a pleasure to deal with. In the future I would call you without hesitation whether I am looking for a place, recommending you to somebody, or selling. I know and respect that you have looked after my best interests as opposed to try to make a sale, and I thank you for this."

- S Muzzo - October 2001

"We would like to thank you for the attention you gave to the successful sale of our condo. As you know, we initially interviewed four potential listing agents, two of which were very well known for their lengthy successful careers. While we had never previously met you, we were impressed with your enthusiasm and preparedness. There is no doubt you were more in tune with the current state of the market in the Harbourfront area.

Your suggested listing price, while in line with what we felt the property was worth, was higher than that suggested by the other agents. We discussed this with you as we did have a concern that you may have inflated the price to gain a listing and you provided convincing reasons as to why it was reasonable. The fact that the property sold in ten days, for an amount that was near the listing price, is a positive reflection of your competency.

We would have no difficulty in recommending your services to our friends and associates. Thank you again for your assistance."

- J and J Gray - March 2000

"Thank you for your expert advice, service, and subsequent successful quick sale of my property. It has been a profitable association for me, but more importantly I'm eternally grateful for your relieving me of all the worry and frustration that can accompany such an endeavour."

- F Melia - September 1997

"Thank you for handling our recent sale with such exceptional consideration and efficiency. Your helpful and straightforward advice was invaluable. We have bought and sold seven houses in three cities (always working with top agents) and never been as well looked after."

- S Brickenden - July 1997

"Thank you for all the help you gave us recently when we were looking for our new home. You did a great job and we both appreciate the professional manner in which you served us. Your willingness to set up appointments on short notice and to coordinate such meetings with very little lead time was particularly helpful. You made the first step to our moving to Canada a pleasant and enjoyable one.

At LensCrafters we strive for enthusiastically satisfying our customers, well it's obvious to me we're not alone in the endeavour and you certainly exceeded our expectations in an enthusiastic manner. As we relocate associates in and out of Canada in the future, I will feel comfortable in recommending you to help them with their Real Estate needs. Thank you again for all your help."

- T Hooser - June 1995

"On behalf of my group, I would like to thank you for your highly professional services that you have given to us over the years. You have made it possible for us, out of town investors, to purchase and maintain several properties in Toronto with extreme ease. We value highly your professional judgment, comprehensive real estate knowledge, and most of all, your excellent and reliable after sales services, particularly in property management.

We highly recommend you to anyone in need of real estate services, particularly for out of town investors. Once again, many thanks and we wish you continued success."

- P Lam - February 1995

"This is to express my sincere thanks for assisting me in finding my dream home. As I was a first time buyer you were also helpful in guiding me through the buying procedure. The handling of my purchase was most professional, and I highly recommend you to anyone interested in purchasing real estate."

- L Milne - November 1994

"Many people may use their valuable time to complain about a service, a meal or a product but very few will take a few minutes to highlight a positive encounter which probably takes about as much time with a great deal more rewards and gratification. I have recently had the experience in dealing with Irma Eibich in the purchase of a condo in the Grand Harbour complex in Etobicoke.

I have found working with Irma a very professional experience. She has learned to respect her clients' time as she demands respect for her time. She will research a clients needs and does not side track for the sake of showing another property. She is aggressive yet sensitive to both the buyer and the sellers' needs. She has learned that a successful sale requires both a satisfied buyer and a satisfied seller. Irma knows how to negotiate and is never only representing one side of the picture. She analyses the client's objectives and tries to map out a plan on how she will get to this objective.

Irma continues her sale even after the sale is completed. She follows up to see that both parties complete the transaction. Irma gives of herself and is not selfish with her time as she knows most sales take more than one showing.

I have referred Irma to a number of my associates and will continue to do so in the future."

- A Neufeld - June 1994

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